Model #12415BPrice: $55.13
  • Common problem of 46RE,47RE Transmission is shifting in and out of gear
  • Common problem of 46RE,47RE Transmission transmission is no shifting or shift timing incorrect
  • Governor pressure sensor and Solenoid work in conjunction with TV pressure to set shift timing and pressure

This is a very common problem in 46RE & 47RE transmissions. Whenever there is some type of shift problem MTS recommends replacing the governor pressure sensor {12415B} and governor pressure solenoid {12432A} at the same time. MTS also recommends replacing the pan gasket and filter at the same time.

  • 12010J Black Plastic Filter
  • 12010C Dacron {felt} Filter
  • 22300 Cork Pan Gasket
  • 22300F Duraprene Pan Gasket