2011-up 6R140 Stage 2  EPC Solenoid Heavy Duty Application

Condition: New
Model: 236428A-S2


  • MTS designed and builds these solenoids in house
  • Increased Main Line Pressures Max 375
  • Stock Line pressure Max 250
  • Increased Clutch Holding Pressure all clutches and lockup converter
  • Firm Crisp Shifts
  • $50 Core Charge added to prices. Refunded when returned. Customer responsible for freight

The EPC Solenoid {Electronic Pressure Control} part# 236428A-S2 controls Mainline Pressure for all Clutches in the Transmission. Step 1 to Building Performance 6R140!!!

The 6r140 transmission is a completely electronically controlled unit.

Too Make this transmission work with high horsepower and torque you need to make the solenoids work to do this

For Further information call 800-73-4510 ext 21

""Not Compatible with Spartan Tuners

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