07-11 68RFE Cummins Super- Extreme Duty Triple Disc Converter

Condition: New
Model: TC5452LS-TR


  • Up to 1200 Ft. lbs. of Torque
  • High Performance Friction Paper
  • External & Internal Balancing to 1 GRAM
  • Ultra Sonic Leak Testing
  • Hardened & Ground High Performance Impeller Hub
  • Heavy Duty Clutch & Dampener
  • Furnace Brazed Impellers & Turbines (10x superior to Tig Welding)
  • Special Bearings- High Thrust Dynamic Pressure
  • Custom stall spools turbo faster for better throttle response and drivability¬†

The Best Triple Disc Heavy Duty Converter In The World !!!

$700 Core Included in Price

Core Charge refunded when core returned

This Part Fits

If you have any concern whether this part fits your vehicle, please contact us.
2007DODGERam & Van 1500-3500L6 6.7L (Diesel)68RFE6 Spd RWD/4x4
2008DODGERam & Van 1500-3500L6 6.7L (Diesel)68RFE6 Spd RWD/4x4
2009DODGERam & Van 1500-3500L6 6.7L (Diesel)68RFE6 Spd RWD/4x4
2010DODGERam & Van 1500-3500L6 6.7L (Diesel)68RFE6 Spd RWD/4x4
2011DODGERam & Van 1500-3500L6 6.7L (Diesel)68RFE6 Spd RWD/4x4
2007DODGERam 2500L6 6.7L (Diesel)68RFE6 Spd RWD/4x4
2008DODGERam 2500L6 6.7L (Diesel)68RFE6 Spd RWD/4x4
2009DODGERam 2500L6 6.7L (Diesel)68RFE6 Spd RWD/4x4
2010DODGERam 2500L6 6.7L (Diesel)68RFE6 Spd RWD/4x4
2011DODGERam 2500L6 6.7L (Diesel)68RFE6 Spd RWD/4x4
2007DODGERam 3500L6 6.7L (Diesel)68RFE6 Spd RWD/4x4
2008DODGERam 3500L6 6.7L (Diesel)68RFE6 Spd RWD/4x4
2009DODGERam 3500L6 6.7L (Diesel)68RFE6 Spd RWD/4x4
2010DODGERam 3500L6 6.7L (Diesel)68RFE6 Spd RWD/4x4
2011DODGERam 3500L6 6.7L (Diesel)68RFE6 Spd RWD/4x4

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