68RFE Transmission Road Punisher <br /> Stage 3 Rebuilt Transmis

Condition: New
Model: 68RFE-RR3


  • Fits 2007-2008 Trucks
  • Our Road Punisher Comes with a Our Custom Pressure Regualtor System. Main line pressure and Line rise to MTS specs. When we build a transmission our mission is to make it last the lifetime of your truck!!!
  • Our Unit Comes with Billet Triple Disc Converter
  • Raybestos GPZ Frictions and Steels
  • Custom valve body with MTS modifications throughout
  • Performance Pump, sprags, rollers, planetaries, and drums
  • MTS Custom HD low Roller in every Unit
  • Sonnax Billet Overdrive drum Modified housing holds physically larger clutch pack for 20% more clutch capacity.2X Thicker steels and double-sided clutches increase steel mass by 28% for unrivaled heat dissipation.Bolt-on anchor plate eliminates clutch pack flexing and distortion that contribute to heat build-up 16% More OD apply area for firmer, more controlled shifts
  • Double Deep Cast aluminum Pan to strengthen case
  • Custom Built Triple Disc Converter w/ Custom MTS Stall to Spool Turbo Faster
  • 3 Year, 100,000 Mile Nationwide Warranty!!!

This unit is designed for Serious Horsepower and Stump Pulling Torque!!!

Designed for trucks with 250+ horsepower over stock rating. This is a beefed- up transmission that can handle the extra horsepower and torque with a gear- train built to the highest capacity available

To order a transmission

Step 1:Fill out the Transmission Order Form

Step 2:We call or e-mail you back

Step 3:Phone conversation for payment and shipping information

All Transmissions are Dyno Tested Before Shipping!!!

Converters are Done In House to Assure Quality Craftsmanship. Converters are Balanced with in 1 Gram !!!

This Part Fits

If you have any concern whether this part fits your vehicle, please contact us.
2007DODGERam & Van 1500-3500L6 6.7L (Diesel)68RFE6 Spd RWD/4x4
2008DODGERam & Van 1500-3500L6 6.7L (Diesel)68RFE6 Spd RWD/4x4
2009DODGERam & Van 1500-3500L6 6.7L (Diesel)68RFE6 Spd RWD/4x4
2010DODGERam & Van 1500-3500L6 6.7L (Diesel)68RFE6 Spd RWD/4x4
2011DODGERam & Van 1500-3500L6 6.7L (Diesel)68RFE6 Spd RWD/4x4
2007DODGERam 2500L6 6.7L (Diesel)68RFE6 Spd RWD/4x4
2008DODGERam 2500L6 6.7L (Diesel)68RFE6 Spd RWD/4x4
2009DODGERam 2500L6 6.7L (Diesel)68RFE6 Spd RWD/4x4
2010DODGERam 2500L6 6.7L (Diesel)68RFE6 Spd RWD/4x4
2011DODGERam 2500L6 6.7L (Diesel)68RFE6 Spd RWD/4x4
2012DODGERam 2500L6 6.7L (Diesel)68RFE6 Spd RWD/4x4
2013DODGERam 2500L6 6.7L (Diesel)68RFE6 Spd RWD/4x4
2014DODGERam 2500L6 6.7L (Diesel)68RFE6 Spd RWD/4x4
2007DODGERam 3500L6 6.7L (Diesel)68RFE6 Spd RWD/4x4
2008DODGERam 3500L6 6.7L (Diesel)68RFE6 Spd RWD/4x4
2009DODGERam 3500L6 6.7L (Diesel)68RFE6 Spd RWD/4x4
2010DODGERam 3500L6 6.7L (Diesel)68RFE6 Spd RWD/4x4
2011DODGERam 3500L6 6.7L (Diesel)68RFE6 Spd RWD/4x4
2012DODGERam 3500L6 6.7L (Diesel)68RFE6 Spd RWD/4x4
2013DODGERam 3500L6 6.7L (Diesel)68RFE6 Spd RWD/4x4
2014DODGERam 3500L6 6.7L (Diesel)68RFE6 Spd RWD/4x4